The Old Pioneer

Title Card

The Old Pioneer is a MGM Happy Harmonies cartoon, released in 1934.


An old geezer- with perhaps a bit of Baron Munchausen in him- tells of his heroic exploits to a newsboy hawking papers at a cigar store, with a huge statue of a wooden Indian outside. The pioneer tells of how he defended his people while crossing the desert through Indian territory. One lone Indian scout and his horse spot the wagons at a campsite and run back to get help. All the warriors put on their warpaint (rouge, lipstick, etc.) before they attack. The pioneer helps save a juvenile Indian explorer from certain death from a fall off a cliff. He then saves his wagon train from an Indian attack because of his friendship with the Indian boy. The grateful Chief says, "Paleface my friend," and offers the pioneer a peace pipe; the latter says, "Thankee, Chief, have a smoke yourself!!" This leads to the pioneer concluding to the newsboy, "And that, my boy, is how that Injun got them purty cigars!"


  • This is the first Happy Harmonies short to actually have the title.
  • This is the oldest cartoon under copyright by MGM.


MGM - Happy Harmonies - 1934-09-29 - The Old Pioneer

MGM - Happy Harmonies - 1934-09-29 - The Old Pioneer