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Coffee the lion.


Tanner the lion.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (or simply MGM), is a movie studio that distributed the short, Happy Harmonies. They started their first cartoon The Discontented Canary in 1934. After Happy Harmonies was terminated, Harman/Ising were fired but Fred Quimby, producer of the first 96 Tom and Jerry cartoons, rehired them back after Friz Freleng departed from the studio to go back to Warner Bros. The last cartoons MGM distributed for theaters was Purr-Chance to Dream and The Bear that Wasn't in 1967.

Today, Warner Bros., co Turner Entertainment, own the rights to the Happy Harmonies cartoons.

Coffee/Tanner for Happy HarmoniesEdit

Coffee the lion was used in the Happy Harmonies series from 1934-1935 in cartoons: The Discontented Canary - Barnyard Babies.

Tanner the lion was used in the Happy Harmonies series from 1935-1938 in cartoons: The Old Plantation - The Little Bantamweight.

About the 2 lionsEdit

Coffee was only used as a test subject and was only used from 1932-35 for the 2-hue color cartoons and movies. When Disney's right to 3-hue color expired, MGM swapped their movies and cartoons to 3-hue and Tanner was then used for technicolor movies from 1934-1958 and cartoons from 1935-1967, excluding 1958-62, because there was a hiatus in Tom and Jerry cartoons and Gene Deitch cartoons used Leo the Lion, the current mascot.

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